Limiting Beliefs About Money You Just Might Have

Limiting Beliefs About Money You Just Might Have

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Money… The root of all evil, they say. If you had more, what would you do with them? If you get what you want, you might lose it… And, on top of that, you are too busy anyway to deal with money. You just want to work at home. If you become too successful, you will get too much attention and you won’t like that, would you? 

You’ve already had enough good fortune, so it’s right to let the others have the rest. Because wanting more money is selfish and shallow. You are not too good with money anyway, so better stay away from it as much as possible and shove it under the bed with the rest of the scary stuff.

If these sound like any of your beliefs or get any closer to your tone of voice when you speak to yourself about money in your mind, it’s time to reconsider them! You are here because you want to get rich, after all, aren’t you? Something inside you, a very thin, weak voice, in the back of your head keeps telling you that this is wrong and greater things await you… If only you had the courage to grasp for them and take them!

Of course, it will be risky.

Quote by André Gide You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

— André Gide

Let’s sail now on your amazing journey in the world of money and the ocean of greater riches.

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Below you will find the most common limiting beliefs about money and their counteractions.

Sail on!

If any of these sound true and ring a bell – replace them with the appropriate positive affirmations.

Actually, why don’t you make a full list of your own limiting beliefs about money while you are at it and then replace them with the appropriate positive affirmations alone?

Every time you think about money, then replace the negative belief when it pops in your mind with the positive one. Your mind can think only one thought at a time, so you will get rid of the negative thoughts in no time.