How to get old versions of apps without getting a virus

How to get old versions of apps without getting a virus

How to get old versions of apps without getting a virus? Sometimes you need a specific version of a program to get the job done. Or you have an old computer with an old Windows on it. Whatever your use case, you need old apps, preferably clean and safe.

Why would you want to downgrade or use an old app?

There are several reasons to choose to use an old app instead of the latest version.

Privacy concerns

The latest version has spy functions which are unacceptable to you or your organization. You can’t find a replacement, so you have to stick with the previous version.

Colleagues know how to use the old app

I’ve had cases where my colleagues didn’t want to upgrade their Windows installations. It wasn’t possible to convince them, so I had to install the versions of Windows they know and love.

Licensing issues

The new license is incompatible with your goals.

The old app has functionality the new one lacks

Sometimes you need a specific feature the new app doesn’t have anymore.

Your hardware can’t function with the new app

Old hardware often doesn’t have drivers to enable compatibility with new apps. In this case you have to either upgrade the hardware, or stick with the old app.

How to get old versions of apps without getting a virus

Head over to and search for your favorite old app. They have many apps and they are all clean.

While you are browsing their site, check out my other article What are the benefits of rolling back Windows to an earlier version?

But in all seriousness, stick with the latest version if you can.

What are your favorite sites for downloading old apps? Do you still have computers running Windows XP? Why did you choose to downgrade? Post your opinion in the comments below. If you like this article, share it!

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