Is it ok not to upgrade windows 10 to 11?

Is it ok not to upgrade windows 10 to 11?

Is it ok not to upgrade windows 10 to 11? Many people ask just this question with the new controversial version of Windows out. For some, it’s a matter of laziness. For others, it’s about compatibility. Some couldn’t upgrade, even if they wanted to. Find out if it’s OK to stick to Windows 10 for a couple of more years.

Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 11

Why would you refuse the upgrade? Here are some common reasons people will reject Microsoft’s offer.

  • They don’t like the new taskbar, like me.
  • They don’t like the new Windows Explorer.
  • They don’t like the Start Menu.
  • Their hardware isn’t compatible.
  • They are afraid of the learning curve.
  • Some programs they have won’t run on the new Windows.
  • They like Windows 10 too much.
  • They don’t want to pay for an upgrade.

Should I skip this one?

Is it ok not to upgrade windows 10 to 11? Generally, it’s not OK to stick with the old Windows for too long. Using old software makes you open to security issues. You also lose functionality. The world moves on, but you stay in the same place. Essentially, you now move backwards.

I am from the crowd that couldn’t upgrade fully. Some of my computers are too old, don’t have TPM at all and one of them has a broken motherboard. Upgrading is going to cost me thousands for new hardware, even if I can get Windows 11 for free.

I will wait a bit to see if Microsoft will drop the ridiculous TPM 2.0 requirement and if the price of Windows 11-compatible hardware will decrease as more people adopt it and it becomes more mainstream.

I would say that not upgrading to Windows 11 is not OK in the long run, but in the short run, it may be prudent to wait for hardware prices to drop. It would be great if Microsoft came to its senses sooner. But I don’t count on that.

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What is your stance on upgrading? Are you an early adopter, rushing to buy new hardware, or are you taking it slowly? Do you plan to upgrade or are you going to skip this one entirely? Post your story in the comments. If you like this article, share it!

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