Is WordPress worth learning in 2023?

Is WordPress worth learning in 2023?

Is WordPress worth learning in 2023? If yes, what are the possible areas we can work on? In my experience, WordPress is still worth it. As a Computer Science student, I earn some easy money while studying for my exams by doing WordPress websites for my customers.

Is WordPress worth learning in 2023?

I can write a wall of text as to why WordPress is still worth it. WordPress is easy, modular, and highly customizable. It’s written in PHP and has a wide community of supportive people. The king of content management systems has so many plugins and themes that you won’t need to write a single bit of code to complete a customer website. You can have a great website at no cost and with almost no effort.

Look at this picture of the market share of WordPress.

Is WordPress worth learning in 2023?WordPress's market share is the answer.

Looking at this picture, I feel like learning WordPress is definitely worth it. Maybe Drupal is also a good idea to learn as a backup CMS. If I weren’t a student, but a full-time developer, I would learn WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, and Shopify.

What are the possible areas we can work on?

I would focus on theme development and plugin development. There are so many opportunities to make money with a good theme and plugins for it. One area that’s worth learning is security. People will pay dearly to protect their favorite websites. Especially if this is their livelihood. As a WordPress security expert and a certified ethical hacker, you will be highly respected and revered. You will never be out of a job and will be very well paid.

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Another area worth learning is SEO optimization. Many customers ask for SEO services and you will do well to learn it. If you know how to drive traffic to the websites you create, you will be priceless.

If you are just starting with WordPress, check out my article How much does a WordPress website cost per month?

What skills do you think a WordPress developer should have in 2023? Do you think WordPress is still worth it? Post your opinion in the comments below.

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