You Wouldn’t Punch a Person in The Face… But You Would Hit Them Right in the Feelings

You Wouldn’t Punch a Person in The Face… But You Would Hit Them Right in the Feelings

Why is this kind of acceptable? To tell bad things to people that would hurt their feelings? You “put them in their place” and then what? Earn an enemy? A silent enemy, who will wait, biding his time to ruin you, returning the favor?

If you are right, you wouldn’t need to resort to emotional pain to affirm yourself. Does the Law of Gravity need ragers and trolls to enforce it with their bad language every day on the rest of Humanity? Does anyone even dare think to deny it?

What is right doesn’t need to be enforced. It just is.

The rest is your ego speaking, hungering for you to stroke it with the feelings of your emotionally bleeding victim. Because our self-importance requires of us that we spend the majority of our lives offended at somebody. Isn’t that human nature?

Isn’t it divine, on the other hand, to accept more and judge less? Isn’t this the point of this entire exercise here on Earth?

Isn’t it then very simple to tell right from wrong?

When f you feel the need to reaffirm yourself through pain, or if you are in the presence of a person in whom the impulse to punish is strong…

Doesn’t your inner voice begin to tell you that something is wrong with this?

Post in the comments what you think. Is it right to hurt people to reaffirm ourselves and prove we are right? Isn’t the joke on us in the end? Have you ever apologized despite feeling right? Is it better to be right, or to be righteous? Is it cool to be important, or isn’t it more important to be cool?

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Post bellow your opinion.

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