The secret to motivation and supreme performance

The secret to motivation and supreme performance

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Success is no accident. And in order to reach your goals and dreams, you need motivation and perseverance.

But where does the motivation come from?

The researchers at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan took some fruit flies and studied them as they had to run towards the smell of vinegar.

To identify the neural circuit which is responsible for motivation, the team used various techniques: First, a mathematical model was created which simulates the interaction of external and internal stimuli, for example, the odor of vinegar and hunger.

In the next step, the neuroscientists of TUM identified the network of interest in the brain of the fruit fly in cooperation with colleagues in the USA and Great Britain. This was achieved with the help of electron microscopy as well as in-vivo imaging and behavioral experiments.

Our experiments show that hungry individuals keep increasing their performance – they run up to nine meters per minute. Fruit flies which are full give up much faster

Reaserchers at TUM

It was simple in the end. We already knew this.

Quote by Aleksandar Paunovsky A cat that\'s not hungry won`t hunt.

— Aleksandar Paunovsky

Or, in their case, a sated fruit fly.

Physical hunger is a superior motivator. For flies. For humans, it’s want. The desire to own, and to be respected. If your needs are all satisfied, you grow complacent. If you aren’t satisfied, you keep going.

As the Great One says, the secret to his own success and motivation is simple.

To hunger, and your success!

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