Return Evil for Evil and Suffer… Or Return Good and Reap Goodness!

Return Evil for Evil and Suffer… Or Return Good and Reap Goodness!

Look at the Glass of Evil, figuratively speaking.

It’s already full.

If you choose to return evil for evil to your offender, you only contribute to it filling even more, with your evil and energies, making your offender more evil in the process… And their responses will not only fail to improve. They will actually get worse. You will keep flinging mutt at each other, until the brighter one of you two will retreat and return to their own business, tired of this.

Do you agree with me that constructive action is what you owe your success in life to, and not constant destructive wars with everyone you meet?

Then just keep doing more of the same, and less of the other, which destroys you. Do it for your own sake.

Do you know who loves mutt? Pigs do! Humans hate it!

Help your enemy, instead. If they are upset, brighten their mood. If they are hungry, give them some food, if they are thirsty, give them some water, if they are deluded, tell them the truth and reason with them… If you are on opposing paths, simply move away and find another path. There is rarely just one way in life to do something. If they are simply toxic and provoke your worst, just get away from them.

It’s always worth it, for the best war you can have is the one you don’t fight at all in the first place!

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Good returns good and evil begets evil. If somebody want’s suffering for both of you… That’s their own problem, and you should keep it that way! Get your share of GOOD instead. Besides, GOOD is the only force that can actually overpower and destroy evil, so if you truly want the destruction of your enemy, you shall not feed them that, which makes them stronger, you will give them that which weakens them and defeats them.

It’s common sense.

It’s GOOD! For YOU!

Build! Build your own life and stop caring so much about others.

Nebenbei (CC0), Pixabay
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