What you resist persists

What you resist persists

Today I learned that what you resist persists
Therefore, is giving in to things the best way to deal with them? Like, grab the bull by the horns, instead of avoiding it and running away? There might be a point to this because, in life, the Bull will never get tired and will keep running after you, until you get tired. And no one is bigger than life, so in the end, it will catch you at the worst possible moment, when you are tired and weak from all that running. Therefore, isn’t it best to attack that bull first and grab it by the horns when you are at your strongest, so he cannot catch up with you when you are tired and powerless from all that running…

Can’t we look at the Bull like at a lesson coming our way? How many times were we in school and managed to successfully dodge learning a lesson? Even if we did get away with it for a while, as the school year progressed, didn’t it turn out that in the end we needed that lesson and learned it anyway, at a later stage? And weren’t we left with a lesson learned the hard way, and a poor grade on top of it, because we refused to learn it on time? Can we conclude that the poor grade actually came not for lack of knowledge, as much as for lack of knowledge at the time?

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Therefore, is it safe to conclude, that when we see the bull charging our way, this means that the time has come for a new lesson, and we will be much better off if we don’t postpone it?

post in the comments your experience with resisting things to avoid them.

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