Ways to Practice Self-Care

Ways to Practice Self-Care

Find your flow

Ever been in that state of mind, where you lose track of time and things just happen so smoothly? That’s a good thing. The key to staying there is to do more of what you love.


Give yourself some off-screen time… No cellphone, no TV, no computer. Just you and your loved one(s). Without electronics. This will allow your brain to rest and will improve your focus and creativity. Your energy levels will also increase.

Nix bad friends

Do we need to even discuss this here? If there are no toxic people in your life to suck out your energies, you will be a lot better. Keep the ones that charge you, and forget those, who drain you with their constant drama.

Get a massage

Massages will do more for you than just ease your back pain. Massage also helps when you’re stressed, anxious, or depressed. They also help lower your blood pressure, according to studies.  You don’t have to go to a spa. Massage schools and community health fairs offer low-cost options.

Pay Mother Nature a visit

Time spent in nature eases your stress and improves your focus. If you can’t get out much, buy a plant, or at the very least, look at some nature photos.

Sleep more

Sleep is good for the entire body. It helps the brain regenerate and detox, and is also good for your immune system, heart, hormones, and weight. Aim for 7-8 hours each night

Get some movement

Dance in your living room, swim laps, take regular walks around the block. Just get out of your head, so you can move on to the next challenge.

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Give back

Not just your money. Your time and energy. Do some community service. Help the people around you. When you do this, you get a good workout, forge a stronger bond with the world, improve your self-esteem and also feel happier.

Walk with happy people

Remember when we said that you must nix negative friends? Go one more step and surround yourself with happy people. Happiness is a wonderful emotion to absorb and emit.

Take a break away from everything

If you can’t travel now, plan it. It will also help you a little.

Try Thankfulness

Write a positive thank you note to someone who has helped you. It will give you a mental boost, even if you never send it.

Have a journal

Write down the good and the bad, as well in a diary. Leading a diary will reduce your stress levels, and when you sit down to document your mistakes, you will learn a lot better from them and avoid them next time.


Get rid of everything. The simpler, the better.


Or read spiritual books, if you don’t want to meditate. Either way, it will help. It will help you better than that TV, full of Constantly Negative News.

Seek help

It’s not shameful to talk to a paid counselor you trust. It’s a lot better than gossip and taking it out on your friends, becoming one of those types you were advised earlier to nix.

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