Using Your Cellphone on a Break… is No Break at All

Using Your Cellphone on a Break… is No Break at All

Turns out using your cellphone while on a break… is no break at all! It totally ruins it!

All those messages, apps, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Candy Crush… Email… They totally ruin your break and at the end, your performance is comparable with those who have taken no break at all.

Look at those researcher’s work here:

This experimental study included 414 participants who completed a cognitively demanding task (solving anagrams) either on paper or on a computer screen. Participants in three of four randomly assigned conditions engaged in a break task (selecting items for a hypothetical shopping list) either on a cell phone, a larger computer screen, or on a paper in the middle of the task. The fourth condition had participants engaging in both halves of the cognitive task with no break.

If you want to take a break… Just take a break! Without your cellphone!

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