Pride… The Cure for Low Self-Esteem. Shield Against Bad Influences. Protector of Our Dignity

Pride… The Cure for Low Self-Esteem. Shield Against Bad Influences. Protector of Our Dignity

What is THIS? It’s the word you’ve been dancing around all this time… Your shield you require and keep missing because you are ashamed and afraid to use it, lest you fall in sin.

The original sin.

Did you know there are two kinds of pride? The good and the bad one.

#ff0000;">The bad one is when you think you are everyone’s superior and that your shiny new Rolex watch gives you the right to command everyone and disregard or God forbid, deliberately hurt their feelings. When you treat people like your property. When you feel the constant need to force yourself on others to keep feeding this sense of superiority. You also stop listening to advice almost completely, which makes you a fool, too. Actually, low self-esteem is a symptom of this cancer, because it leads you to exactly the abovementioned behavior as a way to reinforce your missing faith in your own self-worth.

The good one is when you are proud of your virtues, count your blessings and thank God, the Universe, Your friends, colleagues, boss, family and Yourself for them. When you give yourself the much-deserved recognition for the fruits of your hard, diligent, honest work. When you feel superior to others in some way and also remember that EVERYONE you meet is also superior to you in another way and there is a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to acquire more wisdom in every human interaction you get into. Even if it’s a bad one, it’s a good lesson on how NOT to do things. Good pride reinforces and protects your dignity and self-respect.

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Now, please stop feeling so miserable and give yourself the much-deserved credit your heart desires! Just remember that the dose makes the difference between medicine and poison!

johnhain (CC0), Pixabay


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