If you must be selfish, be wisely selfish

If you must be selfish, be wisely selfish

Time and time again, human beings have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that their hearts are selfish. Even when we cry, we actually cry about ourselves… We cry about our loss, about what we are going to do now that event X has taken place in our lives, and now everything is different.

This is perfectly fine. In nature, those who don’t put their own well-being first will inevitably find themselves scratched from the circle of life by those who do.

Human society is not a forest, though and your fellow humans aren’t your pray or competition for scarce food, because you aren’t a wolf.

People who try to act in the above way will often find themselves victims to other such people, who share their views. More often, though they will be bested by the Team player kinds.

While it is true that no single monument in human history has been dedicated to a committee, you will find it 100% true that all monuments of great people have been erected because these people have contributed to the happiness of their fellow humans greatly.

Contributing is the way of human society! The greater you want to be, the more you have to contribute to the well-being and happiness of your fellow humans!

The more happiness, security, prosperity and stability you want in your life, the more you have to contribute to the happiness of your fellow humans.

You will see that the Law of Sowing and Reaping will immediately kick into effect and the more happiness you sow, the more happiness you will reap. Because the Universe gives back with interest – 3, 10 or more times of what you sow.

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Potentially, the above means that if you sow evil, evil will return to you, until one day it finally kills you.

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Therefore, be selfish and be wise in your egoism. Help others with their happiness and reap the goodness, with interest. Be patient and expect no immediate returns… The Universe knows what, how and when to give you in return, at the moment when you need it the most. Actually, the more the Universe delays your returns, the higher the interest rate will be when it finally pays your kindness back.

If you take care of others happiness and sow goodness, this will attract more good people around you, and good people will create more good opportunities for you. Soon you will find yourself spiraling upwards, faster and faster and before you know it, life will stop being such torment and will begin to get progressively better.

You will still keep getting your daily dose of challenging situations to keep your mind sharp… Just make sure to meet them with a smile and they will quickly go away.

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