How to Install Apps From Unverified Developers on macOS

How to Install Apps From Unverified Developers on macOS


How to Install Apps From Unverified Developers on macOS? Not all apps in the macOS App Store are first-party options developed by the tech giants like Apple or Google. There are plenty of apps developed by third-party, “unverified” developers. However, getting these apps to work on your Mac isn’t as easy as installing ones from the App Store. This article will explore how you can install apps from unverified developers on macOS and unleash the potential they may have to offer.

Unlocking the Inherent Potential of ‘Unverified Developers’

It’s understandable why Apple has put strict regulations in the macOS App Store, but that doesn’t mean the apps developed by third-party, “unverified” developers should be disregarded. These apps have the potential to extend the functions of one’s Mac to its fullest if only they could be installed properly. The good news is, that if you know how to do it safely, you can unlock the immense potential these apps offer. In order to install apps from unverified developers, you must first unlock the macOS security barrier which applies to all apps. To do this, open up System Preferences1 and select Security & Privacy. On the General tab, you must tick the box for ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ and then select ‘anywhere’. This is the great barrier breaker you were looking for, and now you can install any app from any source other than the App Store.

Security Tips

While you can now install any app you like from anywhere, we recommend only downloading from credible and secure sources. • Research the developer and the app before installing. • Monitor your system for suspicious programs or behavior. • If the app requires your personal information or permission to access your data, consider if it’s a reliable source.

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Stepping into the Unknown with macOS App Installation

Now that the security barrier is down, you need to understand the different file types you may encounter, as not all can be installed on macOS. The most common type of app file for installation will be the ‘.app’ file which is the only one readable by the macOS system. If you have a file type other than the ‘.app’ (e.g. .zip, .dmg, etc.), it will need to be converted first. AppCleaner2, a freeware available to download from the macOS App Store, can convert your file type, locate the app in your system, and delete it once you’re done. Once you have an app in the correct format, find the file on your Finder and double-click on it. A verification window appears and you need to choose ‘Open’ – you may have to click on this twice before it goes through. That’s it – the app will now be installed into your apps folder!


Installing apps from unverified developers can be a daunting task and the most important thing to keep in mind is to always be certain that it’s from a secure source. Despite the security risks involved, the potential benefits of being able to access more creative apps can be worthwhile. With the right approach, you can learn to enjoy the apps from unverified developers on macOS. 1 System Preferences can be accessed by going to the Apple icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen and selecting it. 2 AppCleaner is located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.

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