Do All You Can to Make Your Dreams Come True

Do All You Can to Make Your Dreams Come True

Every dream you give up on is a piece of your future that will no longer exist.

Did this information come to your mind when you were about to discard the title statement of this post so easily? You give up on a dream and poof! A good piece of your future, which you loved is gone forever.

A lot of awesome people, such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, and others wouldn’t have become what they are now, had they given up on their dreams.

Why live, if you are not at least going to try to go for what you want? Even if you try and fail, you will be a lot more satisfied, than if you simply never try.

When you see a successful person, you see their success. You don’t see the time, effort and faith it took them to get there. Don’t give up something just because it looks hard, or God forbid, because somebody is telling you it won’t work out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would still be yodeling in the Austrian Alps, had he listened to the naysayers.

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Failure is just a matter of attitude. You fail when you give up. And it’s not over, until you win. Thomas Edison made 10 000 experiments before he invented the light bulb we know and love today. Imagine what we would be doing without light bulbs today.

Surround yourself with dreamers, people with good hearts, faith, and a positive attitude. Silence the naysayers. You don’t need people who tell you that you don’t matter. They can really hinder your success.

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Aim for the stars. Even if you don’t reach them, you will end up pretty high.

What if you don’t have any ideas? You try, and nothing comes to mind?

Keep a notebook handy. Record in it every single idea you come up with today. No matter how insane, stupid or far-fetched it is. Keep notes and review them from time to time. If you can’t do anything about a certain idea today, may be a few years down the road you will be able to make it a reality.

If you do this, you will never run out of good ideas.

Have someone to discuss your ideas with it. Some other dreamers, ideally more than one person. You can always exchange good ideas. Write everything down.

This article, for example, stayed as a draft for over a year. I didn’t give up on it, because I felt the subject was good. Eventually, I am about to finish it. The key is, that I didn’t give up and discard it.

Here is some quick advice on how to come up with ideas.

Ask your mother

Your mother means you good and even thou she is old, she might still come up with an idea or two you might have overlooked. After all, nobody knows you better than your mother.

Ask your best friend

He might be crazy and all, but he also will be able to provide you with a different perspective.

Ask your mother in law or any other critic.

Bill Gates once said that he collected the best feedback from his most dissatisfied customers.

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Ask the girl in the supermarket.

Ask the girl in the supermarket, or the taxi driver. Even if they are simple people compared to your awesome self, they may still have some wisdom to share. After all, everybody is a genius at something.

Ask your neighbor.

Depending on your relationship and standing with your neighbors, you might be able to get ideas from them.

Ask anyone you meet.

Random people can sometimes give you stunning ideas. Or, stunning stupidity, in which case you will get a good laugh. In both cases, it will be worth it.

Take a different route to work as often as possible.

Try to escape the routine of daily life. Routine is the enemy of creativity and inspiration. Try to do things differently, instead of turning everything into a repetitive, mindless, soul-destroying grind.

Look at an object and think of what it reminds you.

Actually, look at all objects in the room and take a note of as much details as you can – take note of their position, the shadow they cast, the lighting in the room, the pictures on them, their shape, their color…

Read what is most relevant to what you are working on right now.

I can’t stress this enough. If you do only this one item from the list, you will become a success. Reading is a very good way to learn new things without going through all the mistakes others had to go through while acquiring the knowledge they now readily share with you.

Get to know new and different people

Hanging with the same old, same old familiar faces eventually gets boring and boredom is bad for creativity. Try to find and meet new people. Try to see people from their perspective. Talk less, ask questions, and listen carefully to the answers. Most people are very happy to share their wisdom with someone. In fact, this flatters them.

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Set deadlines.

Deadlines really get your brain moving. If things don’t work out by the end of your deadline, at least you know this is not a good idea. Or, you simply set a new deadline.

Ask Google

Google is a good friend to ask for ideas on any subject, really. If your social life resembles a quarantine, then Google will be your best friend.

In the long run, the people who win, are the ones who think they can win.

What are your ways to come up with ideas and keep your head up in difficult times?

Post your wisdom in the comments.

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