Using Your Willpower to Lose Weight…

Using Your Willpower to Lose Weight…


Because willpower, as you already know isn’t unlimited. To this testify the thousands of times you’ve tried to lose weight through willpower, unsuccessfully.

You’ve always slipped back into overeating, every time. Until now.

What’s the deal with a health loss guide on a site dedicated to your happiness and success? The deal is simple – you can’t be truly happy if you are a slave to food. No one who is an addict to anything is happy. Addicts are happy only when they get their “fix” and then, they slip into the gray world of unhappiness, endless cravings and misery again. Therefore, to ensure your lasting success and happiness, you need to overcome your addiction to food, if you have any. Or, maybe you know someone who is… If you don’t – AWESOME! Move on to some other post!


You need to recognize some important points about weight and its loss.

  1. You need to realize that sugar and flour are just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. They are even manufactured using a similar principle process.
  2. You need to form habits and turn healthy eating into a ritual, like brushing your teeth. You don’t just sit in front of the bathroom mirror all day, repeating to yourself “Today is the day I brush my teeth twice”… That’s silly! You just do it! That’s the kind of automation you will need to form with your healthy eating habits. You will begin to make healthy eating decisions automatically, without putting too much thought into it. Like healthy people do.
  3. You need to make up healthy rules and follow them very firmly until they become unbreakable rules.
  4. Find a support buddy – someone who is willing to nag you to eat healthily and support you in your struggle with addiction to processed food.
  5. You need to understand better the mechanism of action of flour and sugar.
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Sugar and flour are just as addictive as cocaine and heroin. In principle, they share the same design.
  • All four substances are concentrated extracts from the inner essences of plants, refined into a fine powder.
    • Sugar comes from sugar cane
    • Cocaine comes from Coca leafs
    • Heroin comes from Poppy
    • The flour you can make from many things
  • They are not natural. Such powders don’t exist in nature.
The mechanism of action of all four is simple.

They cause the brain to flood with dopamine. The brain reacts to the excess dopamine by thinning out the dopamine receptors, because it doesn’t need this much dopamine. Now, when the dopamine flood ends, the dopamine receptors which have been downregulated by the brain wait for a new dopamine flood…

Your previously “Normal” dopamine levels are no longer enough. This causes you to feel miserable and craving for more food. This way, you begin to feel happy when you overeat and quickly begin to feel miserable if you miss a meal. It is worth also mentioning that about 90% of your serotonin, or anti-depression hormone, is produced in your stomach.

That’s why you feel so happy when you stuff yourself and begin to feel depressed when you miss a meal. Bad foods work not on just one… They work on two brain hormones at once.

This is just the brain… Let’s switch for a moment to the rest of your body and have a look at your insulin levels.

When you eat sugar and flour, or processed foods, your insulin levels skyrocket – like two or three times the norm.

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Insulin is responsible for the processing of blood sugar.

Back in the brain…

Insulin’s also responsible for your constant cravings for sugar and bread.

Because, as it turns out it blocks out the Lepton there, which is your “I feel full now” hormone. So, now you eat and eat and don’t feel full. You feel like you can eat more. The more you eat, the more you will eat. And it gets harder and harder to stop.

Now, when you miss a meal, you feel miserable, depressed, drowsy, and on top of that you now aren’t simply hungry – you have cravings!

Cravings are the thing that causes you to go out at night in the middle of the rain to buy a hamburger with a big Coke! Even if this is a little exaggerated, you know what I am talking about.

You understand now the principle similarities in design and mechanism of action of flour, sugar and heroin and cocaine.

You will read now about the solution to this.

It’s simple.

Like all truths, this one is simple to say and harder to do. Much harder!

Are you ready?

There it goes!

You need to make it a firm rule to avoid SUGAR and FLOUR!

You just stop consuming them!

Stop eating bread, burgers and soft drinks – Coke for example!

There is no “healthy alternative”. Like bread that will make you feel the same way as normal bread, without being bread and making you fat…

This is impossible.

Fool yourself more. Take more diet pills. Drink more “DIET COKE”… #ff0000;">NOT!

Just stop eating it. Stop eating bread and drinking “diet” or not Coke, or any other sugary drink.

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The only healthy alternative to sugar and flour are sunlight and exercise.

You can also try a glass of water with the fresh juice of a lemon in it when you feel cravings for food. It’s no replacement for the regular sunlight and exercise. It’s a supplement to them.

Sunlight also produces through contact with the skin a lot of serotonin and exercise will also produce a lot of serotonin and dopamine to satisfy the cravings of your downregulated thinned out dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain.

The more you exercise, the more your insulin will regulate itself.

The more your insulin regulates itself, the more the lepton in the brain will also begin to work better.

The better the lepton works, the less hungry you will feel and the faster you will get “full” from healthy food.

When you stop eating products with flour and stop drinking sugary drinks, your mood will improve, your energy levels will increase, your appetite will drop down and your metabolism will accelerate. You will become bright, upbeat, optimistic, energetic… ALIVE!

And all of this if you simply stop eating flour – any kind of it and give up the sugary drinks, replacing them with exercise and sunlight.

This is the only diet you will ever need to lose weight.

You knew that already…

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