The Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading

The Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading

I was recommended by a friend this wonderful book – The Wealth of Nations. It describes the basic economic processes that guide the flow of money in the world, and in any given country.

To me, this book was an eye-opener. I feel truly enriched by it. Things I only suspected turned out to be completely true and others were blown to bits. If you want to start a successful business, The Wealth of Nations is a must.

The book clearly shows its age – the English language is heavy and old, and America is referred to as “Our Colonies”, but once you read a little, you definitely begin to see the value in its contents. You see how little our economic system has changed since the emancipation of America from Great Britain.

You can download The Wealth of Nations for free here:

If you want to learn more about the “Laws of Acquisition”, or the Five Laws of Gold, you can read my article on the subject here: The 5 Laws of Gold

Adam Smith

I certainly recommend this great book to the politicians of just about any country that wants to be successful. Even now, its timeless advice sounds modern and well-suited for today’s day and age. Free markets remain a dream for many peoples and in some places, the intervention of the state is very deadly to the economy. Adam Smith dedicates the better part of The Wealth of Nations to explaining why a free economy is essential to the success of any country.

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I recommend this book to anyone who wants to run a business or invest in the Stock Exchange. I am confident that this book will give you an understanding of how Money moves in the free market. Learn the secrets of the Capital and how it accumulated in this wonderful book.

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