The Key to Happiness… And the Key to the Key

The Key to Happiness… And the Key to the Key

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I heard you like keys… So here are some more locks for you!

Back to the point:

The key to happiness is freedom and the key to freedom is courage.

Bluntly put, you can’t be wise and oppressed, or happy and oppressed. You can be either. Not both though.

How many tales have you heard about happily oppressed people and slaves rejoicing in the service to their masters? NONE?

Well, there may be some, created by various tyrants… Not a single one by the oppressed, though.

There is only one cure for oppression, and it’s courage. The courage to stand up to your oppressor, in full dignity, and reject their rule over you! Even if it will cost you a lot.

Quote by Benjamin Franklin Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

— Benjamin Franklin

Only then will you have the freedom required to achieve the state of:


otherwise known as HAPPINESS.

Before that, you can only happily delude yourself that you are happy…And be happy in your delusion, which will eventually lead you to depression and illness.

Don’t worry if you can’t overthrow your oppressor the first time… Or the 10th!

Build up your courage little by little and remember…

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Be bold, just keep away from recklessness. Never go full retard.

Good luck!


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