The Attitude of the Rich – Basics

The Attitude of the Rich – Basics

Let’s talk about some of the basics of the attitude that makes a man or a woman rich.

  1. Do not condemn other men or women for succeeding.

    This one should be too obvious. Yet, you have probably seen a rich person at least once in your life and frowned. Look at this cheater – you’ve said to yourself in your mind – he is dishonest, and he doesn’t deserve it and…

    I must warn you that that’s the wrong attitude. 

    If you condemn them, you won’t become one of them. Your subconscious mind will block you every time.

    Envy is the first and most dangerous enemy on your way to riches. Kill it fast with fire!

  2. It’s not fair to take from those who can and give to those of less knowledge and ability.

    There are people with mindsets like these. They lay on their backs all day and expect the state to simply tax the rich harder, so it can give them more in social aid.An attitude like this will never make you rich. If you wait on the state to make you a millionaire, you will have to wait a while, because it’s a long line full of people like this.

    Get up and learn and work hard. Continuous learning and persistent hard work will beat anything on their way up, all alone, every time!

  3. It’s good to share your knowledge with others.

    Rich people are givers. They don’t keep secrets. If you share your knowledge on how to make money with others (Not your trade secrets, though) you will keep learning from them, as well, further enriching yourself with new information, learning from the experience others have suffered to acquire. Do that!

  4. Take advantage of available opportunities.Look around.

    There are always things waiting to be done. Take on the things no one wants to do today, and tomorrow you will be able to the things no one else can. It’s common sense. Look for opportunities that match your goals and act now!

  5. Desire is key.

    If you don’t have a great desire to get rich, you will quickly run out of fuel. Desire guides your thoughts, and thoughts become emotions, and emotions become actions, and actions become things! Desire and act! Every dream you give up on is a piece of your future that will never exist! –Steve Jobs

  6. The Rich are people like you.

    Ever heard that the rich have 7 arms and 8 legs? No? That’s right! They are the same as you. The difference is in what they know more than you do.

  7. What they know, you can learn

    And the key to learning is grabbing a good book, or a few, and reading them. Read them. Think over what you’ve just read. Discuss it with others. Argue. Even try and teach them some things. The secrets to the world are all in the books. Continuous learning is mandatory!

  8. They are good subjects

    You will be surprised to hear this… The rich are actually rule freaks. They act by the rules and always seek to be of service to their government. That’s why they get to be taxed a lot lower than the rest. Than you. Because they put special effort to find out what the government wants and go there and do exactly that!

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