How to become one with your Shadow

What is the Shadow and what are the benefits of becoming one with it? As you grow up, your parents, your siblings, your teachers, and society as a whole will try to drum certain traits in your character out of you. Traits such as greed, need for attention… These traits, however, don’t disappear. They go … Read moreHow to become one with your Shadow

Ways to Practice Self-Care

Find your flow Ever been in that state of mind, where you lose track of time and things just happen so smoothly? That’s a good thing. The key to staying there is to do more of what you love. Disconnect Give yourself some off-screen time… No cellphone, no TV, no computer. Just you and your … Read moreWays to Practice Self-Care

How to Increase Your Self-Worth for Free

Are you suffering from depression and low self-esteem? If you are sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes, please read on… You think you are worthless and are only wasting oxygen on this planet. You think that you are a failure because you don’t have X and haven’t accomplished Y and person XYZ … Read moreHow to Increase Your Self-Worth for Free

The Way Up is The Way Down… And The Way Out is The Way In…

What am I talking about? I am talking about the short path to HEAVEN! All this time mankind has been looking up, searching for God with powerful telescopes and satellites… Measuring X-Bozons, sending signals into space in hopes for an answer! Can’t find Him! Because you’ve been looking at the WRONG place! Just because God … Read moreThe Way Up is The Way Down… And The Way Out is The Way In…

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