Happy mind happy life

Happy mind happy life

Happy mind happy life – easy to say, hard to do. What are the things keeping us from experiencing happiness all the time? Why do we focus always on what we don’t have? What will happen if we don’t desire more material things all the time? “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up … Read moreHappy mind happy life

Happiness is a choice

happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice, even if not many people realize it. Except for extreme cases, when you have lost someone, for example, you are entirely in charge of your emotional response. You can choose to obsess forever over how someone wronged you, or you can think of something else. Here are some tips on how … Read moreHappiness is a choice

Ways to Practice Self-Care

Find your flow Ever been in that state of mind, where you lose track of time and things just happen so smoothly? That’s a good thing. The key to staying there is to do more of what you love. Disconnect Give yourself some off-screen time… No cellphone, no TV, no computer. Just you and your … Read moreWays to Practice Self-Care

Don’t Worry, be Happy!

Don't Worry, be Happy!

Today I’d like to bring you this wonderful quote by William Shakespeare. It is actually my favorite. I put it right after “Fate favors the bold” and “Whatever Works”. Really, if you sit down and think about it, how many of the problems you worried last year turned out just alright? How many of them … Read moreDon’t Worry, be Happy!

The Key to Joy is Service

It simply IS! When you contribute to your fellows’ well-being – when you see the smiles on their faces… When you know another person is breathing easier because of you – when you know you are contributing and you are valuable in someone else’s eyes… Doesn’t this thought make you feel better already? Doesn’t JOY … Read moreThe Key to Joy is Service

Why Sundays are The Best Days to Rest

Why Sundays are The Best Days to Rest

Have you ever noticed, that after a certain point, the harder you work, the harder you sweat? You throw everything you’ve got at the task at hand, and it doesn’t get any easier, you don’t advance anymore, and in fact, you have the feeling your task is getting harder and you are becoming more frustrated … Read moreWhy Sundays are The Best Days to Rest

Pillars of Happiness – Egoism

Let’s talk about the second of the 3 pillars of Happiness: Freedom, Egoism, and Hope. Egoism is defined by Dictionary.com as the following: the habit of valuing everything only in reference to one’s personal interest; selfishness (opposed to altruism). That’s TOTALLY OK… Actually, it’s the required behavior for people who value their own happiness above everything else.  Because that’s the only way to be truly happy and stay happy. … Read morePillars of Happiness – Egoism

The Key to Happiness… And the Key to the Key

The Key to Happiness... And the Key to the Key

I heard you like keys… So here are some more locks for you! Back to the point: The key to happiness is freedom and the key to freedom is courage. Bluntly put, you can’t be wise and oppressed, or happy and oppressed. You can be either. Not both though. How many tales have you heard … Read moreThe Key to Happiness… And the Key to the Key

Dreams and the Death of Happiness

How can dreams kill your happiness? Very easy, actually. Through their absence. If you don’t have your own dreams, or you think “Nah, that’s stupid” and try to suppress them and replace them with other people’s dreams. That’s a #1 recipe for depression and misery. And it’s so common. Dream copying is very common. We … Read moreDreams and the Death of Happiness