Responsibility is Power. The More, the Merrier!

Responsibility is Power. The More, the Merrier!

Power is one thing we all crave, and we always feel like we simply don’t have enough of it.

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Responsibility is the precursor to power. You can’t be irresponsible and all-powerful. Power grows from responsibility. If you reject responsibility, you also reject the power that comes with it and you lose control over the situation.

Common behaviors of irresponsible people include:

  • Lies
  • Excuses
  • Rationalizations
  • Denial
  • Cowardice
  • Self-loathing
  • Waywardness
  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Blaming
  • Judgementalism

I can keep going forever.

We all know someone like this.

The underlying cause for the abovementioned behaviors is the sense that we lack power over our lives.

Actually, mental illness is simply a heavy case of irresponsibility.

This article on PSYCHSENTRAL.COM will tell you more about this connection

“People prone to depression or anxiety reported feeling little sense of pride in their accomplishments and little sense of power,” Johnson said. “In contrast, people at risk for mania tended to report high levels of pride and an emphasis on the pursuit of power despite interpersonal costs.”

It’s simple, really to say and much harder to apply, like all truths.

And, if some of you might say, that it’s a matter of a simple chemical unbalance in the brain, know this

anxiety and depression are symptoms of psychosocial needs and threats. They should not be, first and foremost, considered alien feelings that need to be eliminated or fixed, any more than we would treat pain from a broken arm, coldness, and hunger primarily with pills that take away the feelings, as opposed to fixing the arm, getting warmer, or feeding the hungry individual.

The Author compares treating depression with pills to trying to treat a broken arm with painkillers without fixing the arm.

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This doesn’t mean that sometimes the brain doesn’t need a nudge in the desired direction…


Where do you start?

Start with the areas of your life you fear the most to think about, of course! It’s those areas that you need to take control over the most. They are your power drains… The skeletons in your closet, who control you through your fear.

What you fear the most, is what controls you.

Because, in power, you don’t have a middle ground. You either have power, or you lack power.

You are in control of everything happening to you in your life, including the bad things. Even the things you fear the most turns out are in your control.

The difference is responsibility.

You keep saying “I am not responsible” and you keep letting thing X control your life.

Even if your inner sense of justice keeps telling you it wasn’t your fault…

The thing about power is that you can reach out and grab it, even if it wasn’t yours in the beginning. If you have the courage to grab it, it will become your servant.

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Have the courage to assume responsibility and take control over your situation, even if you feel someone else is to blame.

Blame doesn’t solve problems.

Responsibility does.

There is a difference between justice and responsibility, anyway and what is a judge in a high court, if not somebody who assumes responsibility for the fates of the people who have come to seek the help of the judge with their lives?

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Courage -> Responsibility -> Power

Even if you mention an event you have no control over, like another person’s death… You still have actual control over how you feel about it. If you feel so bad that those feelings hurt you emotionally and mentally, you are responsible for changing them.

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Change the way you think about it, forcibly if you must, and move on.

If you keep letting the past control your present, it’s like trying to walk with an iron ball chained to your leg. Ultimately, the leg will begin to hurt and will get ill.

Forgive yourself, forgive the world, forgive your loved ones, forgive your enemies, scratch the past and move on.

Forgiveness and Courage -> Responsibility -> Power -> Health, Happiness

I wish you the happiest, most awesome day ever! Be wiser than yesterday!

And remember – perfection is a process, and wisdom is a type of attitude.

To your power!

geralt (CC0), Pixabay
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