Procrastination, Excuses… Here’s How to Beat Them

Procrastination, Excuses… Here’s How to Beat Them

Here is a quick and easy recipe against procrastination and excuses.

  1. Take a sheet of paper
  2. Write down all the problems you have to work on
  3. Write down all the reasons you don’t want to take action on them
  4. Write a YES or NO if a reason is valid or not. Typically it’s not.
  5. Write 3 small strategies that would make you stop hesitating and take ACTION!
  7. Choose an accountability partner. This person will keep you accountable. Every time you make an excuse, you will have to put $2 or more in a glass jar. This way you will learn that excuses have very real negative consequences.

Do you know why scientists don’t trust atoms?
-They make up everything!

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