Pillars of Happiness – Egoism

Pillars of Happiness – Egoism

Let’s talk about the second of the 3 pillars of Happiness: Freedom, Egoism, and Hope.

Egoism is defined by Dictionary.com as the following:

the habit of valuing everything only in reference to one’s personal interest; selfishness (opposed to altruism).

That’s TOTALLY OKActually, it’s the required behavior for people who value their own happiness above everything else. 

Because that’s the only way to be truly happy and stay happy. Never let anyone else steal or cheat you out of your happiness.

The short path to misery and oppression is leaving the care for your own self-interest in someone else’s hands, while you go look after everyone else’s interest… This is a complete escape from RESPONSIBILITY and going through the headache of making your own decisions for yourself, and accepting the consequences, even if they are bad, like a grown-up PERSON!

Three things are wrong with this:

  1. You can’t know for sure what’s good for everyone else.
  2. You can’t count on everyone else to even begin to know what’s good for you and what your heart actually desires.
  3. It’s no one’s business really to care for you at that age.


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When you walk into your friendly neighborhood supermarket, you don’t ask the clerk “Please give what will yield you the most profit at the best price for you”You have some sanity there with your groceries!

Is your own life and it’s meaning – happiness less important than a bag of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, berries, and bananas, for example?

You forget about this sanity and throw it out the window the moment you have to deal with other people and stand up for your own self-interests… Because giving up on your goals is easier than fighting in the short term. Convenience rules you. It’s your god. Not Love. For yourself. Just convenience. People’s opinion of you.

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If you put a bag of carrots higher than your own life’s true purpose, you will be treated like a carrot.

klimkin (CC0), Pixabay


If you are going to be frugal with your groceries, show some frugality with your life…

Pay your rent! And ask and know what you are PAYING IT FOR!

If it doesn’t contribute to your happiness, ditch it and forget it, even if everyone else will be judging you. People who judge too much and desire to punish too strongly cannot be trusted anyway.

The first law or power states that the only duty of a person in power is to stay in power. So, even if these people try to convince you that giving up on your goals is “for your own good”, they mean actually “their own personal benefit and happiness”.

Forget them and move on.

Bluntly put, you simply cannot serve everyone in every way possible and be loved by the entire world without exception.

Pick your battles. Choose where to invest your efforts or “service” for maximum return of happiness and fear not – there will always be opposition. The more they oppose you, the more you know you are doing it right.

Now, go pay your rent, AS YOU PAY FOR YOUR GROCERIES!

Free-Photos (CC0), Pixabay
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