Master Your Fear to Attract Good Things and Happiness

Master Your Fear to Attract Good Things and Happiness

Have you noticed that Murphy’s law is very real?

-You fear you are going to be late for work, and indeed you arrive late.

-You fear you are going to be fined at the parking and indeed, you get fined.

The list goes on and on.

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What you fear you become! This is the law!

Here is the Law of Attraction explained very simply by Prince Buddha around the year 480 c.

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Therefore, mind your fear! Fear is your most powerful emotion after love!

Unlike love, you can command your fear. You can control it. You can learn to fear things consciously. You can also un-learn to fear things. Up to you!

Instead of fearing evil, therefore attracting it into your life, fear GOOD!

-Fear that everything is turning alright!
-Fear you are going to come on time for work!
-Fear you are going to get that new Ferrari!

-Fear GOD!

Regardless of what religion you are in, learn to fear Him! It will work only in your favor!

Fear Him not because he is going to hurt you! Fear Him because He is so awesome and good! Fear Him for He is going to do much good to you!

Invert your fear!

Instead of feeding evil with it, feed the good!

See the difference!

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