How to regenerate the soils of Earth – The Need to Grow

How to regenerate the soils of Earth – The Need to Grow

We talk a lot about ourselves, and our own happiness, and how to be happy by helping others be happy…

We talk so much about ourselves, that forget about the landlord, or the landlady, to be exact.

Meet Gaya

Our lovely planet, also known as Earth is the home we’ve been renting for thousands of years… And humans are such poor tenants.

Humankind breaks things, pollutes the soil, air, and water, exterminates the ecosystems and has mad fun watching our planet die slowly and turn into a desert.

We’ve been losing soil rapidly

Toiling the soil has always been bad for ecology, and yet, Nature has managed so far to regenerate and overcome the damage.

Until industrial toiling was developed.

Did you know, that we’ve been losing soil rapidly in the last 40 years? We lose soil at 10 times the rate it takes to regenerate it.

At the rate at which we destroy the soil, Earth will quickly turn into a desert world.

Food has almost no nutrients already

What do you think you’ve been eating so far? If you poison your soil with chemicals, such as nerve gas which is a very potent pesticide, and the traditional fertilizers, combined with pesticide and herbicides…

What do you think you’ve been eating? Honestly!

Nature photo

Not this! You killed this!

The solution

The solution is a new generation of Carbon Dioxide enrichment greenhouse. A special structure, which replenishes the soil through a very nature-inspired closed cycle process, and generates as much electricity in the process as an entire desert full of solar panels!

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They jokingly call it “waste electricity” because it comes as an awesome byproduct of the soil revitalization process. This revolutionary facility can in just 45 days regenerate as much soil as Nature will do in 450 years!

I strongly recommend that you watch the movie TheNeedToGrow and become familiar with the current state of affairs of Nature and soil. I was personally very surprised to hear exactly how bad it is. I knew it was bad… What I learned stunned me!

Support the solution and watch the movie. You have to only give at most an hour and a half of your time, should you choose to see it to the end.

Watch Now

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