How to Regain Lost Motivation and Stay Motivated

How to Regain Lost Motivation and Stay Motivated

Do you often find yourself starting things and then abandoning them half-way through? Who isn’t guilty of that?

Here are some quick tips on how to stay motivated and complete the things you start.

First, you need to understand that motivation needs a target. You need to set a S.M.A.R.T target – a task that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bounded. Your target shouldn’t be too hard, or too easy. If it’s too easy, you will not find it valuable enough, and if it’s too hard, you will find it useless.

Keep your motivation

Here is how to stay motivated throughout a task.

Remind yourself of the big picture goal. Design goals, not chores. If you keep the big picture in your sight, you will be more committed to doing the smaller tasks regularly.

Your objective needs to be specific and measurable. If you tell yourself “Do 100 pushups today”, you are a lot more likely to succeed than if you simply say “Do your best”.

You should set realistic expectations for yourself. Can you really do 100 pushups today, if you haven’t exercised ever before?

You should also add the element of time. Again “Do 100 pushups today” is a lot more motivating than “exercise”.

Make a list of smaller bits and then eat the goal one bite at a time. As Brian Tracy likes to say, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. If “make 100 million dollars” sounds like an impossible goal, break it down into smaller sub-tasks. Like, say, “Get out of unemployment for now”. That’s a good first step.

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Check-in with how you are feeling

You should make sure that you feel good about achieving your goal and also about the process of getting there. If you don’t truly enjoy it, you should reconsider your strategy. You should come up with a process that keeps you motivated.

Look for intrinsic motivations

Look for personal reasons to accomplish the goal. Find things that motivate you automatically. Extrinsic motivations also work, but then you risk turning into a “wage slave” who only does the minimum required to do the job. Your environment should make you happy and keep you motivated.

Don’t think too much about it

Way too many goals fail because people overthink them. Action is the key element of success. Often people who think forever, find themselves outperformed by people who act more.

The starting point of motivation is motive. You need a feeling of “forward motion”. Be clear about your long-term goal and the steps. Take the first step. Then the next step. Then you build momentum. After that, you find that the law of attraction is now working in your favor, attracting people and circumstances that help you achieve your goal.

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