How to massively improve your intuition

How to massively improve your intuition

Have you ever felt envy towards people who just seem to know things without much effort, or without having any information upfront? Like, you’ve just met someone and instead of him saying “Nice to meet you”, they say “I think you will be promoted in a month. I feel so.” and then you really get promoted exactly a month later…

Have you heard of the medium who got hit by a train? He didn’t see it coming…

Second sight is an ability covered in mystery. People fear and admire those who possess it. Still, having a strong intuition is something that will give you an undeniable advantage over your competitors and will help you choose right in situations where you are supposed to fail.

Here is how to do it.

Second sight” is nothing but the power of observation on steroids. To develop second sight, you must develop your first sight.

Start by observing and experiencing your surroundings. Look at the cup on your desk. Begin to slowly take notes of its shape, color, how full or empty it is, if there is some dirt on it… Then look at the desk. Take note of some of its details. Make some associations. Then, look around you.

Keep taking notes of all of your details for as long as you feel comfortable. Keep repeating this exercise every day. Develop the habit of observing and experiencing your reality. Instead of thinking the same thoughts over and over again, staying locked in your head, take a look. Look around.

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After you’ve made observation your habit, you will find that you make your way in unfamiliar situations much better than before, and a lot better than others around you.

You won’t grow a physical third eye on your forehead, but you will be able to make much better decisions.

And all of this, because you look around, while others don’t.

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