How to make New Year’s resolutions stick

How to make New Year’s resolutions stick

It’s that time of the year again – one year has passed, another year is coming. You look back, then you look forward and set some good goals for the upcoming year.

Are you sure you can make them come true? Are you serious enough? Are you committed to them, or are you merely interested?

We all set New Year resolutions every year, and every year we already know what is going to happen with most of our resolutions. You will accomplish very few of the things you set as goals now.

We all set for ourselves goals such as “Earn more money”, “Stop smoking”, “Drink less coffee”, “Get a new car”, “Find a girlfriend or a boyfriend”, “Get a better job”…

This is nothing new.

What if, there was a way to really accomplish all of the things you promise yourself to do in the new year?

Here is a quick guide on how to set New Year’s resolutions, and accomplish them afterward.

Desire is key.

Really. If you don’t desire the things you set as goals on that day, chances are you will not be very committed to accomplishing them. You will not put the time, effort, and energy into them.

When you set New Year’s resolutions, make sure they excite you. Otherwise, you will quickly forget them the next day.

Make sure you are as specific as possible

The more specific the things you want, the easier it will be for you to achieve them. For example, get a new Mercedes Model XXX will be a lot easier than “Get a new car”. You will also be more happy, when you get exactly the car you desire, versus any new car.

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Make sure they are believable

It’s good to wish for a new Lexus. Can you do it for real, though? If you can’t convince that you can accomplish it within an year time, how do you expect to pursue it with enthusiasm?

Make sure you have the time

Do you have the time for this? Are you committed to do it every day, for a whole year? If you don’t, then don’t put it on your list of goals at all.

Learn to forgive yourself

Sometimes you will abandon your goals. When this happens, accept that it’s normal, and is part of the process. Instead of telling yourself “I failed”, tell yourself “That’s OK” and then pick up your goal where you left it. If you insist that you can’t do it, you won’t do it. So, forgive yourself and simply get back to it, or choose again.

Learn to measure your success with how much fun you are having

Lots of measure our success by the amount of frustration we feel in the process of accomplishing it, or by how much hard work we’ve put into it. People measure their success by their bank balance, social status and relationship status.

You must realize, that external factors aren’t going to make you happier. Happiness comes from within you. Instead of resorting to superficial things, change your perspective. Learn to measure your success by the amount of fun you are having in the process of accomplishing your goals. If it’s not fun, you are better off finding a goal that will be fun. Be like a child. Allow yourself some fun.

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Release the past year

Accept that the past year is over and it won’t come back. Stop looking back and instead set your eyes forward. You can’t walk forward if your head is looking backward. You won’t feel better if you constantly think “What if…”.

Focus on your desires each morning

Instead of going straight for that cup of coffee, stop and meditate for a little. Dream about the things you want. Set your mind to them.

Resolve to do one thing in January that benefits you for the entire year

While your enthusiasm is high, figure out what is this one thing that will benefit you for the entire year and do it first.

What is your way of making your resolutions stick? Post it in the comments bellow.

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