How Rich People Think and Act – Part 1

How Rich People Think and Act – Part 1

We talked last time about the 7 rules of acquisition.

Let’s talk now about how rich people think and act.

  1. They are liberal in their minds and in their spendings while maintaining a balance to not overspend or to not become misers which leads to secret misery.
  2. Generosity. They are generous with others and with their families.
  3. They know and follow the laws of wealth
  4. Unearned money = ruin. Since you haven’t worked hard for them, you don’t think much of them and blow them away for goods you could do without! If you get unearned money, like a lottery win, or inheritance, or a big loan, be very careful how you invest it. How many lottery winners actually got to multiply their winnings or keep them? Many? LOL!
  5. Wanton spending brings poverty and misers – live in misery. Balance it out!
  6. Wealth is a power that multiplies your joy! You get a share of some of the best things life has to offer. You have a right as much as the other human to enjoy life your way! Poor people feel guilty about wealth!
  7. Decide you will claim your share of good things! Starting today!
  8. Get rid of Envy! It will kill you before you start! If you want wealth just so you can out-earn somebody else, this is a bad motivator! Decide you want it so you can enjoy it, not because you envy someone or want to make someone envious of you! DO IT FOR YOURSELF!
  9. Rich people have superior powers of wisdom! Wisdom is simply a form of applied unusual knowledge. They know what they need to know when they need it. And they have the will to apply it even if it’s hard or unfun. Actually, they have more will than skill and that’s OK.
  10. It takes time and study. Everyone has time. And about studying…
  11. There are 2 kinds of study – one that fills you with information and the other is the “learn to learn” kind of study – it develops your ability to find the things you need to know out by yourself! Very precious skill, indeed.
  12. Determination! Rich people are really determined types! Think of it! If they gave up every time things got rough, would they be here? Actually, that’s the moment that makes a real difference – “normal” people give up when things get rough and winners keep going! Winners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t winners! Simple as that!
  13. Forward! Tell people what you want! How are they otherwise supposed to guess your heart’s desires??? This also means “talk less about what you DON’T WANT!” Focus on your desires, so the Universe knows what to serve you. If you go to a restaurant and tell the waiter what you DON’T WANT, he will think you mad!
  14. Everything is a deal! You can have what you want, at a price! Simple as that! Everything that has value has a price tag, too! Just ask about the price. Sometimes it may be even something immaterial, sometimes it will be plain money or a favor. Just ASK!
  15. Rich people KEEP THEIR WORD! Doesn’t matter if it’s written or “just a promise”. They keep it! That’s how they build trust! Keeping YOUR WORD means above all that you take YOURSELF seriously and respect the other person, too!
  16. Use the wisdom of older people. You think the times have changed and it’s irrelevant? Truth is only our tools change. People remain the same and the future is like the past only with better tools. Try it!
  17. Listen carefully! If you don’t you are wasting your time!
  18. Accept that part of all you earn is yours to keep! No less than 10%. Save, save, save!
  19. Make every dollar work for you. Imagine it’s a little slave and the pennies are it’s children slaves. All you save must earn for you and its children must earn, too!
  20. Pay yourself first! 
  21. Keep saving. No matter what, at least 10% of what you earn must go for your savings! Yes, with time you can increase this % reasonably.
  22. Hire specialists! You won’t trust a jewler with programming and a chef with masonry! Simple as that.
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<to be continued…>

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