Good and Evil – the Universal Standard

Good and Evil – the Universal Standard

What is good and what is evil, right or wrong – this is the question.

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People have been asking this since the dawn of time.

No definite answer has been given.

Until now.

Today is the day.

The day YOU answer what is good and what is evil for you.

Like everyone else every day.

You are going to think this one time real good!

You are going to make an informed decision.

Why use your hunch, when you can use your heart and your brain?

Read on…

There is no good and no evil. No light and no darkness. There is only power!

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Outrageous, right? Crazy enough to be the truth?

Let’s see…

What is true power?

GREED? Yeah, greed makes the world go around today for the most part, I admit it.

And what powers greed?

Greed is formulated in another way as “LOVE FOR MONEY OR MATERIAL WEALTH”

Money are dead, they have as much power in them as we give them.

So, what is left is…

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Love is the TRUE POWER! What makes the world go around!

Greed is just a corruption of love! Quite a deadly one at that. It’s responsible for most of the human suffering today. Starting with your very own.

So, if the power I am talking about is LOVE than what is GOOD and what is evil?

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Come on, you know the answer to that one!

You’ve known it from the start.

Good is that which serves your own purposes and evil is that, which gets you farther from them!

It’s always been this way, and will be!

What is your TRUE purpose then?

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You want in your heart to feel loved.

Hearts need LOVE! Not money!

Try sticking a dollar in your heart and see what happens. :-)

That’s why you stack all those shiny things! You want people to love you! Yes, for all the wrong reasons and in the wrong way. You still want people to love you, tho!

I dare you to tell me in the comments that you would rather be surrounded by people who are totally indifferent to you, and I mean your own father, mother, brother, sister, wife, and children TOO! ALL OF THEM! YOUR DOG AS WELL!

Everyone you meet will be absolutely indifferent to you!

Like you were not even there!

You will have all the money in the world, tho! You will drown in money all the way! Forever!

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Which one would you choose?

Actually, you are half-disgusted by what I suggest, and probably questioning my sanity right now…


You want LOVE, that’s why you feel this way!

Oh, and if you think LOVE means poverty… You are wrong!

All you have to do is just remember that…

You don’t NEED all those things you think you need.

Try eating your new watch and drinking your iPhone!

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-Food and Water! Not Coca-Cola, Not Wisky! Water!

Each of these is actually just as important as the others.

Even though love is immaterial, it’s crucial to one’s mental health!

If there is no one to love you, you will eventually get depressed and die.

Even if you have food and water and sunlight.

Dare try?

So, to some it up:

Good is what gets you more of what you want and evil is what takes away from you what you want.

And you want LOVE.

Lots of it.

Joy, Happiness, Love.

Sounds GOOD, right?

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