Dreams and the Death of Happiness

Dreams and the Death of Happiness

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Dlee (CC0), Pixabay

How can dreams kill your happiness? Very easy, actually.

Through their absence.

If you don’t have your own dreams, or you think “Nah, that’s stupid” and try to suppress them and replace them with other people’s dreams. That’s a #1 recipe for depression and misery. And it’s so common.

Dream copying is very common.

We look at someone who looks happier and more accomplished than us and we think “If only we could be like that person” and then we begin to copy everything, including that person’s dreams. Because if he is happy and you aren’t it’s obvious that he is on the right path and you aren’t.


Just because somebody is on a different path to happiness, doesn’t mean you are lost. Actually, the moment you decide to jump paths and take the other person’s path, that’s when you are lost!

Because you aren’t that other person. You never have been and never will be. You can admire them, yes, that’s awesome. You can never be them, though. You know that.

So, what’s this person doing right and you aren’t?

  1. He believes in his own dreams. He doesn’t call them “silly“. That gives him or her the incredible strength and motivation to act on them! Even when it’s difficult.
  2. He pursues them! Action is what brings your future into your present!
  3. Happy people know that it’s not just the dream that brings happiness. It’s the journey. The journey itself is home.
  4. He sets goals. Dreams are awesome, and when you break them down into smaller bites and make a plan… Well, then you are on your own path to happiness.
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Dream on!

Bess-Hamiti (CC0), Pixabay


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