Basics About Wealth

Basics About Wealth

Let’s start with the rules of acquisition!

There are 7 of them.

  1. You must seek it, not just WISH it!
    If you wish to be the best pilot, you will be the best pilot. If you wish to be the best cab driver, you will become the best cab driver. Simple as that! If you don’t consciously seek it, you won’t have it!
  2. Loose the “Rich people are EVIL scammers and don’t deserve it” mentality! 
    Really, this is the #1 obstacle to YOUR own riches. If rich people are scammers and you want to be honest and good, your subconscious mind will block you! Truth is very few rich people are absolutely dishonest. They are more like men of balance. A little better than worse. Riches acquired through scams quickly vanish and their owners all suffer miserable faiths. Even if they look cool at first. Like they have outplayed everyone. They haven’t. It won’t last. The world is bigger.
  3. Big purses run out fast. Have ASSETS! That’s true wealth!
    The trick is to have something refilling your purse constantly. Passive income. Something that works for you even if you are away on vacation. It’s called ASSETS! True wealth means ASSETS!
  4. Share your ideas and wealth with your fellow human beings. 
    You will get more good ideas in return!
    Share your wealth as well. Be charitable. It’s a law of the universe that good things come to good people, so be GOOD! If you think that’s stupid, see point #2!
  5. Ask, ask, ask!
    Ask other people you find wise for advice DESPITE your purse being empty! THAT’S WHY YOU ARE GOING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! So, put your shame in the corner and proceed to acquire some wisdom! Would you rather stay all your life with an empty purse and head full of bad thoughts?
  6. Be thoughtful of your friends! You don’t know when you will need their help! 
    Rich people have plenty of friends, YES! You know that! What you don’t know is that they seek friendships and new connections all the time, because having strong allies is better than having no allies, NO? Besides, what’s the point to be rich and having fun if you have nobody to have fun with IN THE FIRST PLACE?
  7. Gain an understanding
    The more you know and understand, the more you will be able to come up with honorable and good ways to accomplish your desires. Otherwise, you will end up becoming a thief!


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