Your Lifestyle Defines You… Until Now!

Your Lifestyle Defines You… Until Now!

Ever heard that your lifestyle defines who you are?

Yes, that’s true!

Your lifestyle is a reflection of you and what is going on in your head. And even worse – it sends feedback to your mind and further empowers whatever beliefs you had initially about yourself.

Feeling happy with who you are and what you got? MOVE ON!

Not quite satisfied yet? Keep reading!…

Initially, I said something about your lifestyle…

The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life.


Think of it for a moment. You know it’s true. The “Big Picture” is not much of a big picture, it’s more of a puzzle game. What you put on the little building blocks defines what you get in the end.

To change your “Big Picture” you actually have to start changing each piece one at a time.

The good news: Past pieces don’t matter. Unless you want to hold on to them! Glorious future doesn’t require a glorious past! Actually, time, as we think of it, is a construct! Mostly… Except for the natural cycles… Anyway, If it wasn’t for the constantly ticking clocks and calendars, nobody would be especially motivated to do anything.

Your future, that’s your worries. Your past, that’s the good moments that depress you a little when you look back.

The PRESENT is the only thing that’s actually “real” in the physical sense.

Go challenge me and have your future self talk to my past self.

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Not gonna happen. Unless you are Dr.Who, the time lord. And own a time machine.

Let’s accept for now that time is mostly a construct and the “present” is the only thing that’s physically here and you can interact with in a meaningful way.

The MAGIC happens when you realize that through action you actually BRING your future into your present.

You just have to RESOLVE to change whatever aspect of your PRESENT you are annoyed with, MAKE A PLAN and take DETERMINED, PERSISTENT, DECISIVE A-C-T-I-O-N!

It’s that easy!

So, get to it!

It won’t change by itself just by looking at it!

Action is the key to success!

Act NOW!


DanaTentis (CC0), Pixabay


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