Why Sundays are The Best Days to Rest

Why Sundays are The Best Days to Rest

Have you ever noticed, that after a certain point, the harder you work, the harder you sweat?

You throw everything you’ve got at the task at hand, and it doesn’t get any easier, you don’t advance anymore, and in fact, you have the feeling your task is getting harder and you are becoming more frustrated with every effort you throw at it?

This means you’ve overheated and it’s time for a break.

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Have you noticed the same thing I have? Working on Sundays simply doesn’t work.

Sundays themselves feel strange, and any work you do on these days usually takes much more effort and frustration than usual.

It’s like work is resisting you and you are resisting working.

Turns out Science also agrees

These guys here at INC.com have posted a long article on why it’s scientifically PROVEN that granting yourself a day of rest is very good for you, your health and YOUR WORK!

12. With regular time away from work, you might even love your job again!

 Will you look at that! Love your job again!

It’s recommended that you devote your Sunday to your family… Or the people who matter the most to you, in some cases.

-Call your mother and father and see them
-Call your GF and take her to the movies
-Get out with some friends, responsibly
-Pursue a passion.
-Check out events at your community

Or simply sleep it off… Whatever makes you happy.

Anything but work!

Until next Sunday,

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Have a great rest!

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