The Way Up is The Way Down… And The Way Out is The Way In…

The Way Up is The Way Down… And The Way Out is The Way In…

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the short path to HEAVEN!

All this time mankind has been looking up, searching for God with powerful telescopes and satellites… Measuring X-Bozons, sending signals into space in hopes for an answer!

Can’t find Him!

Because you’ve been looking at the WRONG place!

Just because God won’t answer your prayers doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist!

Just because he likes to hide things from you so you can look for them and find them and feel good about it, doesn’t mean He is not real…

If I play hide and seek with you and you give up the game, do you declare me un-real and my existence a lie? That’s what a sore loser would do!

Anyway, enough games!

Back to the point.

You’ve been looking at the wrong place all the time. Space is not where God is hiding.

How many times have you had a particularly difficult experience only to exclaim “THIS IS HELL”, or how many times have you experienced wonderful JOY only to scream “THIS IS HEAVEN!”?

You’ve been right all along.

Heaven and Hell are in your own soul. And the gate is your HEART!

Now you know where to look.

biancamentil (CC0), Pixabay



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