The Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading

The Wealth of Nations

I was recommended by a friend this wonderful book – The Wealth of Nations. It describes the basic economic processes that guide the flow of money in the world, and in any given country. To me, this book was an eye-opener. I feel truly enriched by it. Things I only suspected turned out to be … Read moreThe Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading

How to Develop a Positive Financial Attitude

Why do you need to develop a positive financial attitude? Can’t you just go with the flow and see money as a necessary evil? You could do that and money will always elude you, or you could change the way you think about money now and improve your financial situation. Here are some of the … Read moreHow to Develop a Positive Financial Attitude

6 Rules for Financial Stability

Trust not your own wisdom when investing. Seek advice from experienced people. For example, you wouldn’t trust a construction worker with investing in petrol. You will trust him to build your house! Do not be afraid to take a loan to buy a good home. If you don’t own your home, and live your life … Read more6 Rules for Financial Stability