Releasing Your Breaks

This post is about overcoming mental blocks and getting rid of limiting beliefs, which may be hampering your progress to success. Especially, if you find yourself using victim language like “I can’t”, “I will try”, “I will do my best”, or rationalizations and excuses like “It’s too hard”, “I don’t have the time”, “I am … Read moreReleasing Your Breaks

Limiting Beliefs About Money You Just Might Have

Money… The root of all evil, they say. If you had more, what would you do with them? If you get what you want, you might lose it… And, on top of that, you are too busy anyway to deal with money. You just want to work at home. If you become too successful, you … Read moreLimiting Beliefs About Money You Just Might Have

Mindset is Everything… Start with Optimism!

Have you ever wondered… Where does change in our lives begin? What do I have to change for things to get different? The answer is as simple and as hard to apply as anything else, which is true. You have to change at the source. The place, where everything begins. Your thoughts.   [quotes id=15] … Read moreMindset is Everything… Start with Optimism!

Vi opretter din google my business profil, sørger for at skrive tekster og uploade billeder. Nyd en spadag hos the lodge i skåne. What is adu in real estate.