Plato The Republic: Recommended book

Plato The Republic: Recommended book

Plato The Republic is a highly recommended philosophy book for everyone seeking to become a millionaire. It opens your eyes to the principles upon which the modern state and education have been founded. Many other books describe perfect states, but The Republic is the first and most original of them.

What is Plato The Republic about?

It’s about Socrates’s dialogues on what the perfect state should look like. I found many things that are now part of modern states in it. It’s amazing how this book has been written thousands of years ago and yet it sounds so modern. Some things, of course, are out of the question, like common women. You can see how other principles, such as the educational system described, and the political system of the Ideal State can relate to ours.

You can find descriptions of the souls of the Monarchical, Timocratic, Democratic and Tyrannical men in vivid detail.

Plato The Republic is great if you want to explain to yourself the roots of modern states and how they came to be, no matter where you live.

The philosophy of Plat is timeless and transcends through the ages.

Plato the republic philosophy book
Plato the republic philosophy book

This is a quote from the book about the just men:

And is not injustice equally fatal when existing in a single person; in the first place rendering him incapable of action because he is not at unity with himself, and in the second place making him an enemy to himself and the just? Is not that true, Thrasymachus?

Plato The Republic

This is from the part where they discuss what is more profitable: JUSTICE or INJUSTICE and who is happier – the just or the unjust.

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Another quote from Plato The Republic:

How good of you, I said; but I should like to know also whether injustice, having this tendency to arouse hatred, wherever existing, among slaves or among freemen, will not make them hate one another and set them at variance and render them incapable of common action?
And even if injustice be found in two only, will they not quarrel and fight, and become enemies to one another and to the just?
They will.
And suppose injustice abiding in a single person, would your wisdom say that she loses or that she retains her natural power?

Plato The Republic

Socrates spends the first books discussing the nature of justice and injustice and what is more profitable and brings the most happiness. After that, one by one, he dissects the qualities of the perfect ruler, his education, and his profession. Protip – the perfect ruler is a philosopher.

There is really too much going on about this book to put it in a single blog post. You definitely have to read it. You will definitely be better able to understand where your politicians are coming from with their decisions.

Go ahead and grab the book from Project Gutenberg for absolutely FREE!

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