Nothing good will come out of you…

Nothing good will come out of you…

…If you are angry!

Just ask me, the expert on anger management, or the lack thereof.

I have been plagued by heavy anger attacks, in which I say very bad things to my loved ones, ever since I remember myself. It’s just my only weakness of character. Everything else I have mastered. Except for anger. It destroys my relationships and consumes the love between me and my most-loved people.

People tell me that they fear my anger because they don’t know what extremely mean thing I will tell them to hurt them. Otherwise, they acknowledge that I am a very good person, except when I get angry.

The A factor

Today I was getting majorly angry over something very silly, and after making a total fool of myself, it hit me like a brick – anger has been what’s holding me back in life all these years. Yes, indeed. Every time I get angry, whatever I do begins to feel like climbing a very steep, very long staircase.

clown photo

I was a lot less friendly, though. More silly, for sure.

It hit me like a brick – anger has been that factor, which all these years has been poisoning my work and hindering my performance. It’s not working itself that feels hard – it’s anger that makes it look hard. Because when you get angry, now you have to fight your own brain, in addition to the challenging task that caused the anger outburst in the first place. If the task was something independent of you, and the reason for the difficulties was some event outside of your control… Your anger is something coming from deep inside of you, consuming your creative energies, clouding your mind.

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You are fighting yourself.

In addition to the challenging task, you are fighting yourself as well now.

Compare it to driving a car, uphill, with the handbrake on!

This factor, which I call The A Factor – A is for anger… The Anger Factor is a significant hurdle to productivity and peace. I believe that online life coaches and gurus really should begin to cover it more in their webinars. Because you can’t master Love and the LoA – short for The Law of Attraction if your mind is constantly clouded by raging anger and is dark and stormy up there.

Anger is the opposite of Love. Because it’s not just enough to love yourself. You cannot love that, which you are angry at. You may love all you wish the rest of the time. When you are angry, you don’t love.

One hasn’t truly mastered their personality until they have become masters of their anger. Only then, when one has mastered both love and anger, and stands at the middle point of their cancellation, in a state of absolute Zen… That’s when one has become mighty, a true Master. That’s the point at which the others will simply do whatever he or she wishes of them and the Law of Attraction will work in your favor without you even thinking about it.

You will be in the flow, forever. The state, in which things just happen and work out naturally for you, without effort.

I’d like from now on to learn, and also talk and share more about anger control and management and channeling it into creative energies, instead of fighting an uphill battle with myself.

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Post in the comments if you have anger issues, or is it the others that actually have issues with your anger?

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