Mindset is Everything… Start with Optimism!

Mindset is Everything… Start with Optimism!

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Have you ever wondered… Where does change in our lives begin? What do I have to change for things to get different?

The answer is as simple and as hard to apply as anything else, which is true.

You have to change at the source. The place, where everything begins.

Your thoughts.


Quote by Brian Tracy Thoughts become emotions. Emotions become actions. Actions become things.Thoughts are things.

— Brian Tracy


It’s a simple chain.

You think of something. You feel. You do.

Therefore, think more positive thoughts. Not only will you feel better… You will also become more positive, upbeat, cheerful, social, optimistic, productive and creative. People will like you more and will want to network with you. And people… People are opportunities waiting to happen!

One thing successful people have is good contacts. They have good friends, good colleagues, good people to work with. Those good people are seldom attracted by a negative, depressed, dark cynic.

Anyway, back on track… Good thoughts attract good events and good people in your life. And they open more good opportunities.

Good attracts good.

Evil attracts more evil.

It’s the basic law of attraction.

What you think about and focus on is what grows, and that’s what you become.

Things are hard, and you are right that they won’t get any easier. Because of the more difficulties you endure, the stronger you become, and the difficulties that come also become greater to match your new strength.


Quote by Benjamin Franklin Trouble knocked at the door, but, hearing laughter, hurried away

— Benjamin Franklin


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Yes, that’s all you need to do, in order to break the cycle of trouble, and actually, begin to repel problems away from you.

The more negative thoughts you have, the more negativity you will draw in your life, and the more you will suffer.


Quote by Leigh Bardugo Like calls to like

— Leigh Bardugo


This genius woman has explained the entire Law of Attraction in 4 words.

Think more positive thoughts, and when trouble comes, smile! Unless it’s grossly inappropriate, of course. You will see how negativity will begin to leave your life and more positive events will begin to come your way.

Try it!


Quote by Oscar Wilde Life is too important to be taken seriously.

— Oscar Wilde

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