Invest in yourself to improve your income

Invest in yourself to improve your income

Invest in yourself to improve your income ten, twenty or fifty times depending your situation. Keep getting better at what you do and your income will surely follow.

You may be overlooking this secret on your way to success, but it’s very important.

If you keep getting better at what you do, your income will definitely increase. That’s why I recommend to invest in yourself. And what’s the best way to keep improving? Learning new things all the time. There are two ways to learn: from practice and experience, or from the experience of others. My favorite way to do it is watch videos on YouTube and

If your budget is low, YouTube is a great source of educational material on all subjects for free. And If you have some low budget, then Udemy will teach you more detailed secrets for as low as $25 per course.

While you invest in yourself, don’t forget to exercise.

We don’t talk much about exercising on this blog, but I love walking. I can walk for hours. I love taking long walks around the city. If your body is sickly, training your brain is not going to do you any good. Did you know that just 30 minutes of walking can give you 90% of the exercise you need for the day?

Try swimming if you don’t like the gym. The cold water of the pool can be very healthy for your body.

Other tips for learning:

If you want to invest in yourself, you need materials. Here is how to get them.

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Online courses – everything you want to ever know on any subject is available online nowadays. You don’t have to get out of your chair anyome. Somebody in Switzerland is teaching a seminar? Just tune in from your PC. No need to fly there.

YouTube videos – if you don’t want to pay to learn, YouTube is great.

Google – you can find any article on any subject for free and in seconds.

Ebooks – You can order books from your computer and have them delivered to you instantly in electronic form. No need to wait.

These are my prefered ways to invest in yourself.

While you are at it, check out my other article about The Attitude of the Rich.

Post in the comments bellow your learning strategy. Where do you get your courses from?

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