How to Increase Your Self-Worth for Free

How to Increase Your Self-Worth for Free

Are you suffering from depression and low self-esteem? If you are sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes, please read on…

You think you are worthless and are only wasting oxygen on this planet. You think that you are a failure because you don’t have X and haven’t accomplished Y and person XYZ is so much more ahead in life than you are… Therefore, you are the problem and you don’t deserve to live much.

If any of these are sounding even a little familiar… It may be the case that your self-worth is low.

Hold on! There is a free and hard way to increase your self-worth without spending a load of money on psychologists, gurus, and antidepressants!

Are you ready?

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That was easy! As easy as reading a few words!

Now, the hard part – you have to accept it! Unconditionally!

Putting conditions before your self-love is the problem, to begin with. If you keep saying to yourself “I will love myself if I ___ this and that”, you will never love yourself truly and will always be miserable.

You have to accept that you are worthy of happiness!

  • You are worthy of wealth!
  • You are worthy of nice things!
  • You are worthy of love!

You know that already! That’s why you are here reading this!

Because you feel it’s wrong to be unworthy! You want to be worthy!

The truth is, that your sense of self-worth comes from deep inside you. You decide if you are worthy, or not in this case. So, decide that you are worthy! Just like you decide that you are unworthy! Replace the negative thought with a more pleasant one!

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After all, if you think you are unworthy of happiness, do you think you will ever be happy? And you want to be happy!

Decide that you are worthy, therefore, and move on!

Negative thoughts serve no useful purpose anyway, but to weigh down on your mind and heart! Dump them in the trash, where they belong! You need good and good comes from good thoughts. Who needs evil in their lives? Not you!

Show yourself some love and start thinking and talking to yourself, like you would talk to a person you love. Would you tell your beloved one that they are unworthy of your love and don’t deserve to be happy? Why tell it to yourself?

Don’t you feel better if you stop doing it and instead do something to show yourself some love? Like have a delicious healthy meal, or go jogging in the morning? Maybe give yourself that new haircut, or the one new shirt you’ve been dreaming about?

At least stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself with a loving voice how much you love yourself and resolve every day to do something to show yourself some love!

You will feel much better and it won’t cost you a dime!

Try it and see.

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