How to improve your communication skills

How to improve your communication skills

How to improve your communication skills is a question not many people ask. Most people respond to texts while talking to someone else, talk over them, read their email while on the phone or finish the other’s sentences. If you find yourself in this group, then read on. This article is for you.

Why am I paying attention to communication after all the money articles? Because persuasion is the short track to success. And persuasion is just psychology plus communication.

Here are some ways to improve your communication skills instantly.

Show respect and appreciation for the other person. People will like to talk to you more if you respect them and what they are saying. Use the other person’s name. Respect their time.

Listen actively. Make sure the other person knows you are listening to them. Don’t just respond. Make sure the person speaking to you is the most important thing at that moment. When talking on the phone don’t send texts and emails simultaneously. The other person will know that you are not listening to them.

Ask questions and paraphrase your partner. Don’t just use fillers such as “uh” and “like”. Asking questions shows that you are paying attention and are interested in what the other person is saying. Repeat in your own words what someone just said before you comment yourself.

Make eye contact. If you look away or in the distance while talking to someone, this indicates a lack of interest. Making eye contact makes it easier to pay attention.

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Pay attention to body language. Use open body language. Don’t cross your arms.

Get rid of conversation fillers. Don’t use words like “um”, “aha” and the like. Try to take a pause and relax before you speak.

Be brief, yet specific. If you are responding to an email, make sure to read the entire email before you write a reply. Take your time to edit your emails. A poorly written email indicates you don’t care about the other person and the subject at hand.

Put away devices. It’s very rude to bury your head in your phone while someone is talking to you. This one seems counterintuitive to most people. Forget about the phone.

Validate others’ thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge their emotions. Let them know that you accept their perspective.

Never talk over people. Refrain from finishing peoples’ sentences for them.

Watch your tone. Don’t use a combative tone. Use a calm tone.

Smile and have a positive attitude. Even when talking on the phone. The other person will feel your positive attitude.

Post in the comments how you communicate with others.

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