How to become a better communicator

How to become a better communicator

How to become a better communicator? After we covered some common sense tips about communication, I will give you some more tips on how to further improve your communication skills. Why do you need this? Because communication can move nations and people. Good communication is key to winning customers and business partners. And it’s not limited to just business.

Without further ado, here it goes.

Have something good to say.

If you have a good story, communication becomes a breeze. How do you get a good story? Say something from your experiences. From your success and failures. Keep a journal. Read books. Listen to people. Be fascinated with everything. Keep learning.

Be prepared

Listen to politics. Read about the ideas and problems of the day. Study life and people.

Be sensitive.

Some people are going through tough times.

How to become a better communicator? Don’t mumble.

Say it well. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Be confident and sincere.


Keep practicing it. Talk with teenagers. Read an extra book.

How to become a better communicator? Brevity

Learn to use shorter sentences in a shorter time. Talk to kids. Try to fit it into their attention spans.


Develop your own style and gestures.

How to become a better communicator? Vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary. The smaller your vocabulary, the smaller your world. Learn new and interesting words. Use them to express yourself. Make the dictionary your friend. When you hear a word you don’t know, look it up.

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Make it extraordinary

Learn to say more than just the usual cliches and empty phrases. Communication is a craft. Action is no substitute for words. Learn to say what you have to say better.

Read your audience

Learn to read the effects you are having on your audience. Read their body language. Listen carefully to what they say. Listen at least twice as much as you speak. Pick up the emotional signals they send. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

How to become a better communicator? Intensity

Load your words with emotion. Use great emotion for important things and less emotion for smaller points. Learn to put the right amount of emotion.

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