How to be a great leader and manager

How to be a great leader and manager

How to be a great leader and manager is an art and not everybody masters it. You can be a great manager but a poor leader, or vice versa. How to be a great leader at work is skill which gives you a competitive advantage.

Do you want to know the difference between a leader and a manager? The manager focuses on getting the job done and keeping up the pace. The leader focuses on how to get the job done. Leaders are typically in C-level positions.

If you are a small business owner, you probably know how to be a great leader at work and also a great manager.

Here is how to be a great leader and a great manager, too.

What is a leader?

  • A leader typically motivates and inspires people to follow him. You will find that leaders have followers but managers have employees.
  • Leaders guide organizations to accomplish a goal or a result.
  • They are often people like the CEO, CFO, and other C-Levels.
  • Great leaders find the balance between performance and the feelings of their followers.

What are the personal qualities of a great leader?

  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Focus

They have the ability to plan strategically and make people cooperate with them and each other. Leaders help others accomplish their goals. They inspire them to grow and accomplish new things.

What is a manager?

  • He or she ensures that the project gets done on time.
  • Focused on the completion of the goal but not on how it gets done.
  • Their primary concern is the project itself but not the people involved.
  • Great managers are also great leaders
  • Great managers give credit where credit is due.
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Why should you become both a great leader and a great manager? Because it gives you and your company a competitive advantage.

Great leaders take the feelings of others into consideration.

They explain their conclusions, decisions, and conclusions clearly.

Great leaders know when to admit they are wrong and give credit where it is due.

Great leaders are honest and open. Transparency works.

Embrace teamwork. Respect the others who are getting your project accomplished.

Great leaders lead by example. Don’t expect from others what you wouldn’t do yourself. Demonstrate what you want others to emulate.

Post in the comments how you plan to improve your leadership skills.

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