How should I make smart decisions?

How should I make smart decisions?

“How should I make smart decisions” is a crucial question few people ask. If you are there asking this, you have made a very smart decision. There are a few ways to make smart decisions and we will go over them in this article.

How should I make smart decisions under risk if I have all the information?

Look before you leap, and analyze before you act.

English proverb

This wise quote refers to the academic way of making decisions. List the pros and cons, do the calculation and go for the decision with the greatest utility. This works well when everything is known.

Unfortunately, life is not always so simple.

What to do when I am dealing with the unknown

For example, choices between two jobs, or deciding on a wedding partner fall in the category of the unknown. What to do then?

You need smart rules of thumb, also called heuristics, and good intuition.

  • The best decision under risk is not the best decision when dealing with the unknown.
  • Rules of thumb and intuition, are indispensable when making decisions under uncertainty.
  • Complex problems do not require complex solutions
  • More information doesn’t always mean better decisions.

For example, I have a collection of 13 000 wallpapers with wise quotes which give me some ideas occasionally when I feel stuck.

Making smart decisions

Here are some other things which matter if you wonder how to make smart decisions.

  • Your friends. Surround yourself with friends which pull you up and help you succeed. Bad friends will keep you down and give you bad ideas.
  • Follow your goals. Stay focused. Eliminate distractions. Learn why goal-setting is important.
  • Learn the process. Don’t skip it and don’t cheat. If you know the process you will be rewarded in the long run.
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Write down your goals now.

How to make sure you won’t regret the decisions you take

How should I make smart decisions I won’t regret later? Spend a little more time on your goals. Don’t fix goals under the influence of strong emotions or need. Ask yourself “If I am on my death bed will this matter to me?”. You are probably glad most of your dreams when you were 18 didn’t come true.

Withdraw from social influences and meditate. When you are filled with joy and have clarity, then set your goal.

Decide what it is you want for yourself, not someone else.

You can have different personalities depending on the task at hand. Remember that a personality is just a mask you take off when you are done with the job. Make it appropriate for what you are doing, but remember to be able to tear it down.

Anything you make up needs constant support from you.

Start now by setting up written goals and surrounding yourself with good friends who help you grow.

Post in the comments what your most-desired goals are.

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