Hard work – is it worth it?

Hard work – is it worth it?

Hard work is something people have known for a long time to cure poverty, depression, and vice. But is it enough to be successful? Common sense tells us that construction workers would be millionaires if it were sufficient.

Hard work is a key ingredient of success, but it’s not enough.

Success takes time, patience, knowledge, dedication, and working hard. As you can see, it has more than one ingredient. If you take out any one of them, the system will fail. You need all of them in place.

work hard to be successful

You also need to be smart if you want to have a chance.

Here is how to be smart, while you work hard.

  1. Set goals – Simple, measurable, actionable, reasonable, time-bound goals.
  2. Keep learning everything related to your field. Take all the courses your employer gives you and buy all the good books on the subject.
  3. Ask your boss what your priorities should be. Don’t waste your time and work on irrelevant tasks.
  4. Be persistent. Where others give up, you keep going.
  5. Be patient. Small rocks build up to a huge mountain over time. Don’t expect to make a big killing. Instead, opt for step-by-step slow and steady gains.
  6. Learn time management, money management, and the art of persuasion.
  7. Learn basic financial literacy.
  8. Stay away from colleagues who waste your time. Work all the time you work.
  9. Resolve to an attitude of constant and never-ending improvement.
  10. Work on your “people skills” and teamwork skills.
  11. Realize that service to others is the key to financial freedom and success. Resolve to always be useful to people. Seek to help a maximum number of people in your life.
  12. Resolve to always do your best job.
  13. Don’t do tasks you are not qualified to do. Don’t assume your skills in one field will automatically transfer in another.
  14. Don’t be afraid to seek advice and take feedback.
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Basically, hard work is worth it always. If you do that, you will never be hungry or depressed. But if you want to be really successful, you need to do more than just that. You need to put some brains into what you do. Without brains, you will be flying blind and big success will elude you. Your chance will come and you won’t know how to seize it. So work hard and be smart.

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