Failure is a Matter of Attitude. Not Results.

Failure is a Matter of Attitude. Not Results.

Let’s talk about failure a little and your perception of it.

People will often tell you that if you don’t deliver the results you were asked, you have failed. You are not worth your salt, in some extreme cases. You should retreat in a quiet corner and cry. Like an idiot.

You are right. You are an idiot.

Failure is nothing more than a matter of attitude. Finding ways that don’t work isn’t a failure, it’s part of the creative process. Making mistakes is part of working. You only truly fail when you either fail to learn from your mistakes and keep getting the same non-working result over and over again, or you simply give up, deem the task impossible and slam the desk with your fist.

Both situations result from failing to learn from your mistake, not from you being a failure yourself.

  • Crying in the corner is a failure.
  • Refusing to learn is a failure.
  • Biting yourself over getting a result that doesn’t align with your desires is a failure.
  • Throwing the towel and giving up is a failure.

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Patience and a positive attitude are the cure for failure. 

You’d still be using candles if the inventor of the light bulb had failed… And he confesses to inventing 99 ways that don’t work.

Imagine that… Imagine, if put in your words, he had failed 99 times… How is it possible that he is so successful then? Could it be that he had failed so hard that he failed at failing and finally succeeded?

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If he can do it, so can you. He is human, and you are also human.

The difference is his enormous determination, patience with himself and his non-working results and perseverance.

And he is successful now. For as long as humankind uses light from non-candle sources and gas lamps, he will be revered.

What one man can do, another can learn to do also.

Learn from the best.

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This, and…

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Because, what you focus on, grows. What you fear becomes your reality. You give it power by focusing on it intensely and pouring your emotional and mental energies into it. Therefore, stop fearing and focus on what you want, instead of on what you don’t want. Because that’s exactly what you will cause. The choice is in your hands.

Be a success. 

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