What is Return on Investment


What is Return on Investment and why does it matter? What is a good return on investment? If you are following Warren Buffet’s investment style, you need to know about this metric. What is return on investment? ROIC, or Return On Invested Capital represents how well the company’s management is investing the available profits. Basically, … Read moreWhat is Return on Investment

What is value investing


What is value investing and how do you do it? How does it differ from day trading, growth investing, and income investing? What are its basic principles? Learn all of that and more in this article. Known geniuses who use this strategy Meet Warren Buffet, the best value investor in the world. He invented it. … Read moreWhat is value investing

Good luck – 8 rules to attract it


Good luck is something we all want to attract in our business dealings, but by what rules can we make it come to us? Everything in life is subject to cause and effect. Sure enough, good luck has its guiding principles, too. The Goddess of Good Luck loves to help men in honest dealings. If … Read moreGood luck – 8 rules to attract it

Competition and how to be successful

competition and how to innovate

Competition is something business people have to engage in on a daily basis. Some people are better at it than others. If you want to be successful at competing, you have to learn to compete asymmetrically. What exactly is the asymmetric competition? It’s radical innovation when you redefine the rules in your field from the … Read moreCompetition and how to be successful

Plato The Republic: Recommended book

plato the republic philosophy book

Plato The Republic is a highly recommended philosophy book for everyone seeking to become a millionaire. It opens your eyes to the principles upon which the modern state and education have been founded. Many other books describe perfect states, but The Republic is the first and most original of them. What is Plato The Republic … Read morePlato The Republic: Recommended book

Self Discipline: Why it matters for success

self discipline is important for your success

Self discipline is the foundation of success but do you have it? The self discipline definition is this: the ability to do something whether you like it or not. You stay focused on the task. Did you know that 97% of Americans don’t have written goals and plans? Going without a written goal is like … Read moreSelf Discipline: Why it matters for success

How to be a great leader and manager

how to be a great leader

How to be a great leader and manager is an art and not everybody masters it. You can be a great manager but a poor leader, or vice versa. How to be a great leader at work is skill which gives you a competitive advantage. Do you want to know the difference between a leader … Read moreHow to be a great leader and manager

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – the new system

(This is just an opinion, not financial advice. I am not your financial advisor) It’s wonderful news for people who love freedom. I mean, financial freedom. In the dawn of the financial sanctions America imposed on Russia, the need for alternative forms of payment is obvious. If you are thinking that Russia could use “Digital … Read moreBitcoin and cryptocurrencies – the new system

The Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading

The Wealth of Nations

I was recommended by a friend this wonderful book – The Wealth of Nations. It describes the basic economic processes that guide the flow of money in the world, and in any given country. To me, this book was an eye-opener. I feel truly enriched by it. Things I only suspected turned out to be … Read moreThe Wealth of Nations – Recommended Reading